10 Best Tomato Sauce in India that Tastes the Best

Tomato ketchup comes in all shapes, sizes & flavours but the only thing that matters is the taste. Buckle in as I spill the saucy details of the best tomato sauce in India that makes your mouth water and can be relished with any dish on the platter.

Fact: Did you know that the most significant difference between ‘ketchup’ & ‘sauce’ is that ketchup is served cold while the sauce is usually served hot. Ketchup is derived from the Chinese word ’ke-tsiap’ which means “pickled fish sauce.” So ‘sauce’ is more prevalent than ‘Ketchup’ in general.

10 Best Tomato Ketchup in India to Buy Online

Tomato ketchup is the bare minimum necessity to savour anything from Mirchi bajjis to pizzas in India. Obeying Darwin, tomato ketchup and sauce has evolved with time to offer various renditions, serving diverse palettes, especially in the spice craving country of ours.

Available in a variety of added ingredients or just tomato-based, I will be listing the best tomato ketchup available in India in the below article. I dare you not to drool as you read it. Let’s begin.


Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup

Best Choice
  • Quantity: 950g
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Tomato only
  • Other Ingredients: None

Kissan, the Indian company has a dominant presence in the market with respect to readily consumable foods.

Made with 100% real tomatoes, the Kissan fresh tomato ketchup is made with sustainable sources to support local smallholder farmers, who have kept the country fed in the harshest times.

Ketchup bottles are notoriously known for the struggle you face while pouring it out so Kissan packages this sauce in a break-open seal cap which eases the ketchup out onto the plate.

Pakodas, samosas, noodles, pizza or enjoy the Kissan ketchup with plain roti and make your meal interesting any time of the day.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 100% real tomatoes used
  • Comes with an easy-open cap
  • Indian brand
  • Kissan brand trust
  • Low-calorie count
Key Features:
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Excellent taste
  • High positive ratings
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Carefully sealed

My Verdict: If you’re looking for typical ketchup that tastes like tomatoes harvested in India, it can’t get better than Kissan but if your taste buds crave something different, read ahead.


Del Monte Tomato Ketchup Spout Pack

Best Rated
  • Quantity: 950g
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: USA
  • Flavour: Tomato but with hints of other spices & sweetness
  • Other Ingredients: Onion powder, Garlic powder, Sugar, Mixed spices

Del Monte may sound like a Mexican brand but it’s origin happened in the late 1800s in the United States of America.

Offering insane value money, Del Monte tomato ketchup is mostly manufactured in Haryana and UP sourcing tomatoes & other ingredients locally.

Packed in a Spout Pack, opening and using this pack of ketchup is a breeze just like Kissan’s ketchup.

Containing vine-ripened tomato paste, iodized salt, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar and other mixed spices, expect Del Monte ketchup to satisfy your urges to dip parathas, burgers and sandwiches and relish them to your heart’s content.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Unique sweet taste
  • Vine-ripened tomato taste
  • Controlled dispensing
  • Value for money
  • USA company but Made in India product
Key Features:
  • No added colours
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Finest quality
  • Good ratings
  • Lip-smacking taste

My Verdict: The vine-ripened tomatoes, various spices and the sugar make the Del Monte ketchup taste sweeter than the typical ketchup so please be mindful of this fact. However, it’s still one of the best tomato ketchup brands in India.


Amazon Brand Solimo Tomato Ketchup

Best Value
  • Quantity: 950g
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: USA
  • Flavour: Leans towards the sweeter side but tastes hot & sour
  • Other Ingredients: Spices, Iodized salt, Sugar

Operated by Amazon Retail, Solimo tomato ketchup is one of the most popular and well-received products on the website.

Manufactured in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, this ketchup contains tomato paste, sugar, iodised salt, spices & condiments and sits smack dab in the middle of the first two products with respect to taste.

Following the trend of making it easy for the consumers to extract ketchup from the container, Solimo comes in an easy squeeze pack as well.

Complimenting everything from burgers, french fries, and samosas, Solimo ketchup is a recommended option for people looking for a change.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Made in India
  • Easy squeeze pack
  • Ideal for all food kinds
  • Value for money
  • Contains no onion or garlic
Key Features:
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Avoids spillage
  • Quality ingredients
  • Value pack
  • Made from fresh tomatoes

My Verdict: If you don’t consume onion or garlic, this is the ideal tomato ketchup you should purchase right away.


Nestle Maggi Tomato Ketchup Bottle

  • Quantity: 500g
  • Package: Glass bottle
  • Brand Origin: Switzerland
  • Flavour: Quintessential tomato ketchup
  • Other Ingredients: Sugar, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, and mixed spices.

From squeeze-easy packs to the first bottled tomato ketchup in this listing, Maggi brings us a product that resides not only in most Indian homes but in their hearts as well.

Containing Sugar, tomato paste, salt, thickening agents, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, mixed spices and preservatives, the Maggi tomato ketchup is one of the well-known ketchup tastes, period.

With the idea to deliver rich tomato ketchup taste, Maggi tomato ketchup’s tanginess gravitates the loyal consumer time and again without reconsidering their choice.

Dehydrated onions and garlic give this product a flavourful spice that Indians are known to love.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Maggi brand trust
  • Typical tomato ketchup taste
  • Dehydrated onion & garlic used
  • Nestle owns Maggi
  • Impermeable glass packaging
Key Features:
  • High-quality glass bottle
  • Excellent taste
  • Tangy tomatoes flavour
  • Glass package to retain taste
  • No artificial ingredients

My Verdict: Yet another best tomato sauce in India is from the brand Nestle. Well, Nestle and Maggi are household names in India and just in case if you’ve not tried this ketchup yet, you’re missing out big time.


Wingreens Farms Tomato Ketchup

  • Quantity: 950g
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Tomato but Spicier
  • Other Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Tomato paste, Liquid glucose, Iodized salt, Thickeners, Acidity regulators, Mixed spices

The brand with subtle notoriety, Wingreens is the Indian company that is taking on the giants in the industry and is doing it with style.

Headquartered in Haryana, Wingreens farms makes tomato ketchup using premium ingredients traditionally to attain a superior taste compared to the competition.

Containing sugar, tomato paste, liquid glucose, iodized salt, thickeners, acidity regulators and mixed spices, you may think there is nothing special about the contents but wait until you taste it.

Leaning towards the spicier side, the Wingreens farms’ tomato ketchup doesn’t taste sweet like many other kinds of ketchup but like quintessential tomato ketchup we were all looking for all along.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Indian brand
  • Premium ingredients used
  • Based on traditional recipe
  • Spicier taste
  • Squeeze-easy pack
Key Features:
  • Makes a great dip
  • Superb taste
  • Slightly spicy
  • Good packaging
  • Contains onion-garlic powder

My Verdict: Wingreens tomato ketchup edges ahead in the taste department as it’s less sugary and attracts a new crowd who become loyal customers gradually. Undeniably, one of the best tomato ketchups in India.


Tasty Treat Tomato Ketchup

  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Pure tomato
  • Other Ingredients: Sugar, salt, vinegar, spices and preservatives

Yet another Indian product, Future Consumer prides itself with the Tasty Treat tomato ketchup. Aimed at producing the extra punch of tomato taste, this product is made from 100% real tomatoes.

Vacuum sealed to contain the freshness, the quality and the taste of the Taste Treat ketchup speak for itself.

The main ingredients are water, tomato paste, sugar, salt, vinegar, spices and preservatives. This pure vegetarian product appeals to the masses in India and when you can support local companies like the Future Consumer, it gives you a profound reason to go for this.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Pure tomato flavour
  • Indian brand
  • Squeeze-easy pack
  • 100% pure tomatoes used
  • Vacuum sealed contents
Key Features:
  • Made of real tomatoes
  • Vacuum sealed pouch
  • Rich taste & quality
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Yummy flavour & taste

My Verdict: The packaging may give you the impression that this ketchup tastes sweet but it doesn’t. It tastes tangy & delicious like no other product on the board.


9am Premium Quality Tomato Ketchup

  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Sweet tomato
  • Other Ingredients: Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Iodized Salt, Acidity Regulator, Stabilizer & thickeners, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder and Spices Extract

A product presented by Damyaa Foods, 9am tomato ketchup has its unique following. Made to taste sweet & tangy, the ingredients added are handpicked to produce tomato ketchup that tastes like none other in the market.

Spice extract, onion powder, garlic powder, acidity regulator, sugar, iodized salt, and stabilizer & thickeners constitute an otherwise tomato paste & water mixture.

Containing permitted class 2 preservatives like most other kinds of ketchup, the product ages well in refrigeration. If you have a sweet tooth or intend to neutralize the spicy food you love with ketchup that leans toward sweetness, the 9am tomato ketchup is made for you.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Sweet taste
  • Indian brand
  • Unique taste
  • Vegetarian
  • Onion & garlic powder used
Key Features:
  • Tangy & sweet
  • Awesome flavour
  • Good packaging
  • Makes a good dip
  • Decent ratings

My Verdict: 9am tomato ketchup stands out by offering a different sweet taste while the other brands are attempting to remove the sweetness from their ketchup products.


Wingreens Farms Peri Peri Ketchup

  • Quantity: 100g
  • Package: Tube
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Peri peri, tomato
  • Other Ingredients: Red chillies, Tomato paste, Sugar, Garlic, Iodized salt, Mixed spices

We’ve learnt how the Indian enterprise Wingreens Farms is taking on the biggies in the industry but they have outdone themselves with this particular product.

Peri peri is an unapologetically delicious flavour, has an insane cult-like fan following across the country, and when added to tomato ketchup it takes a form that is unseen in the consumer market before.

Tomato paste, sugar, garlic, iodized salt, mixed spices and to bring in the zing, an insane portion of red chillies are added to make this peri peri ketchup.

Used as dips, spreads, sides to munchies, you may add this ketchup to pizza sauce which resurrects an extra spice you will fall in love with.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Peri peri flavour
  • Spicy red chillies added
  • Indian brand
  • Great pizza ingredient
  • Vegan friendly
Key Features:
  • Classy packaging
  • Irresistible taste
  • Great for vegans
  • Traditionally handmade
  • Great taste

My Verdict: If you’ve only tasted tomato ketchup until now, prepare to have your taste buds experience deliciousness with peri peri added to tomato ketchup, with this product.


Veeba Marinara Pizza and Pasta Sauce

  • Quantity: 310g
  • Package: Squeezy bottle
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Marinara, tomato
  • Other Ingredients: Tomato paste, Sugar, Liquid glucose, Iodized salt, Spices, Condiments, Herbs

The master in offering out of the box sauces, Veeba is known for anything but selling the usual product. With 70% tomatoes excluding tomato paste, this Marinara sauce is ideal as a spread or as an ingredient while preparing pastas, pizzas, lasagnas and other Italian dishes.

Containing 70% tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, liquid glucose, iodized salt, permitted acidity regulators, spices, condiments, herbs, and others, there is a noticeable difference in the ingredients used to make this sauce.

98% fat-free, 100% vegetarian, trans fat-free, and cholesterol-free, this marinara sauce is famous for being the key in the meatball sandwich recipe as well.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Used as spread & sauce
  • Ideal for Italian dishes
  • Marinara flavour
  • Tangy taste
  • 98% fat-free
Key Features:
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Excellent taste
  • Reasonable price
  • Vegetarian product
  • Free from fat & cholesterol

My Verdict: Although this is a tangy tomato sauce, it is used more as a spread rather than a dip but I am still certain that you will fall in love with the taste.


Splitz Tomato Ketchup

  • Quantity: 950g x 2
  • Package: Pouch with nozzle
  • Brand Origin: India
  • Flavour: Thick tomato
  • Other Ingredients: Tomato paste, Sugar, Salt, Onion powder, Garlic paste, Spices

Bringing back tomato ketchup, let’s end this listing with a bang. Splitz may sound like a European brand but Indira Foods is so local that it’s based in Namma Bengaluru.

Tomato paste, sugar, salt, acidity regulator, stabilizers, onion powder, garlic paste, and other spice extract being the ingredients of this ketchup, it may seem like just another tomato ketchup but bear with me as I shed more light on this.

Claiming to be ‘better than the best’, Indira Foods uses 100% natural tomatoes to make this thick, delicious tomato ketchup. Tasting a tad stronger than the average tomato ketchup, Splitz stands out from the tangy, sweet, and spicy category.

Gradually being lauded for this consistency, taste and colour, Splitz definitely has a winning product on its hands.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Stronger tomato taste
  • Local, Indian brand
  • 27% tomato paste
  • 950g + 950g offer
  • Brilliant texture
Key Features:
  • Good packaging
  • Tangy flavour
  • Natural tomatoes
  • Excellent taste
  • Makes a great dip

My Verdict: If you’re used to purchasing the Kissans and the Maggi tomato ketchup, you definitely should try this once.


Tomato ketchup was earlier used as a dip to accentuate taste but as the ingredients, variations, usability of these increased, it has today become a culinary necessity.

As the popularity of these products increase, it is imperative that we’re aware of the brand origin of the products that we consume as we may inevitably feed warmongering nations.

I have added the ‘brand origin’ column for this very reason and this is the easiest way to showcase patriotism.

Let me know your experience purchasing and trying out the products listed about and leave your valuable comments below.


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