10 Best Peanut Butter in India that are 100% Healthy

It can be tough to resist the waterfall of emotions when melt-in-mouth peanut butter is on your mind. India, sure has enough peanut butter enthusiasts, and therefore, it matters to know which brands make the best peanut butter in India.

Here’s a question for you: how do you identify the best quality peanut butter brand and tell if it is apart from the ordinary wave? Well, leave that concern to me, because I’ve compiled a list of good peanut butter in India that you’ll cross seas and climb mountains to get hold of one.

I have chosen these products based on:

  • Taste and flavour
  • Protein, healthy fat, and sugar content
  • Cost and quality

So, all of these are of equal prominence and I’m sure you’ll find this list helpful.

10 Best Peanut Butter Brands in India to Go With

I know the daily struggle of gym-goers who are stretched between lip-smacking peanut butter and dietary discipline. If you’re rubbing your palms already, the wait is over because the list of top 10 peanut butter in India is headed your way:


Pintola All Natural Peanut Butter

Best Choice
Pintola Natural Peanut Butter is ideal for joggers, gym goers, and dieters because it’s unsweetened, vegan, gluten free, and Non-GMO.
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package-type: PET jar
  • Unsweetened: Yes
  • Key Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts

If you thought every peanut butter is just a scoop full of buttery spread goading you like a devil on the shoulder to compromise your keto diet, you could be wrong. Pintola all-natural peanut butter is a lip-smacking unsweetened spread loaded with the goodness of protein, dietary fiber, and unsaturated fatty acids. It’s a healthy and delicious choice for every peanut butter lover.

Made from 100% roasted peanuts, it’s safe for calorie-conscious gym-goers and average midnight snackers. Plus, the packaging is fantastic and comes with a long shelf-life. This crunchy peanut butter makes anyone swoon over.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Unsweetened for keto/low carb diet
  • Roasted peanuts used as the main ingredient
  • A healthy choice for workout enthusiasts
  • Rich source of protein & fiber
  • Long shelf life
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Maintains a healthy heart
  • Lowers the risk of cancer
  • Prevents neurodegenerative diseases
  • Prevents gallstones

My Verdict: If you religiously support non-GMO products as I do, then it’s worthwhile to try out Pintola All-natural Peanut butter. Its unsweetened flavour feels comes from 100% roasted peanuts. The nutty flavour will wow you instantly and the modest quantity of Pintola’s peanut butter is the best of both worlds.


Alpino Natural Peanut Butter Crunch

Best Rated
Made with pure roasted peanuts, Alpino Peanut Butter has no added salt, hydrogenated oils, or sugar. It’s non-GMO and Gluten Free.
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package-type: PET jar
  • Unsweetened: Yes
  • Key Ingredients: 100% Roasted Peanuts

Peanut butter is a favorite drug to many. I know it’s a tough choice to select a peanut butter brand that understands the mindset of both gym-goers and average snackers differently. After a great deal of soul-searching, I found a brand that encourages healthy eating without compromising the taste and that is none other than Alpino Natural peanut butter.

It’s a no-nonsense product that doesn’t make you chubby with regular consumption in healthy doses. It’s made of 100% roasted peanuts and zero preservatives. You can feel the raw taste of crunchy peanuts which feels like a cracker of a feast. So, without a doubt, this is one of the best peanut butter in India.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Free from sugar, gluten, and hydrogenated oils
  • Non-GMO product
  • Approved by US FDA, FSSAI, BRC, and APEDA
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Long shelf life
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes
  • Promotes stronger bones
  • Excellent for body builders
  • Great source of protein
  • Enriched with vitamin B5

My Verdict: After an intense workout, if a delicious spread is all you can think of for breakfast, there can’t be a better choice than a scoop of Alpino natural peanut butter to go with any breakfast food. Made from 100% roasted peanuts, the aftertaste will make you imagine trippy bursts of colours. It’s so tasty that you’ll crave for more.


Sundrop Peanut Butter (Crunchy)

Best Value
Made with roasted peanuts, Sundrop’s peanut butter is super delicious and makes a good source of dietary fibre.
  • Quantity: 924g
  • Package-type: PET jar
  • Unsweetened: No
  • Key Ingredients: Roasted peanut, sugar, salt

The list of best peanut butter in India is incomplete if I don’t mention a brand like Sundrop. They make natural peanut butter because it’s made of premium roasted peanuts that feel crunchy in the mouth. If you are among people who fear becoming overweight by consuming peanut butter, Sundrop comes as a pleasant surprise because it helps you shed the weight. Yes, you heard that right.

Sundrop peanut butter is free from cholesterol and trans-fat so it turns your flabs into abs. Plus, it’s an excellent product that is especially recommended to those who take calorie-burning seriously.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Finger-licking good
  • Healthy spread for bread and other recipes
  • Pure vegetarian product
  • Recommended for workout enthusiasts
  • Premium quality peanut butter
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Ideal for weight training
  • Good source of zinc and magnesium
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Reduces the risks of breast diseases
  • Ideal for breakfast

My Verdict: If you easily freak out seeing a few extra grams on the weight scale, you needn’t scale down your diet. Instead, add Sundrop peanut butter to your daily breakfast meal, albeit in a reasonable quantity. Your weight will stay in check while you reward your taste buds.


MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter

MYFITNESS peanut butter is not only healthiest but also has a scrumptious taste. It contains premium chocolate, which is low in carbs but high in proteins.
  • Quantity: 1250g
  • Package-type: PET bucket
  • Unsweetened: No
  • Key Ingredients: Roasted peanut, Chocolate paste, Sugar

If you can’t pick fitness over tasty peanut butter and vice-versa, MYFITNESS makes delicious and healthy peanut butter that’ll flip you right from the first scoop. It’s an excellent spread for a healthy breakfast.

You can use the chocolate flavoured peanut butter as a spread for bread and sandwiches after a long day at the gym or before you begin a high-intensity workout. This nutritious and chocolaty peanut butter is certainly among the best quality peanut butter in India because it’s made for athletes and regular people who get the kick by licking-off the spoon. So, undeniably, this is one of the best peanut butter in India.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Made from export-quality peanuts
  • 100% authentic American recipe
  • Rich source of proteins
  • Tastes best with bread and sandwiches
  • An excellent choice for pre and post-workout
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Fortified with biotin
  • Enhances your physiological health
  • Contains same antioxidants as Red Wine
  • Reduces the risks of stroke
  • Increases blood flow in the brain

My Verdict: Fitness freaks and regular foodies who feel the same thing for a tasty spread needn’t hesitate to enjoy a scoop of MYFITNESS chocolate peanut butter. It’s made from nutritious roasted peanut, cocoa, and a modest amount of sugar. Nothing that’ll make you stop like a horse before a cliff. So, this is certainly the best peanut butter for gym goers in India.


DiSano All Natural Peanut Butter

Disano Peanut Butter is made of 100% quality peanuts. It is creamy, unsweetened, and gluten free.
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package-type: PET Jar
  • Unsweetened: Yes
  • Key Ingredients: 100% Roasted peanuts

If you are picky about the quality of roasted peanuts used to make peanut butter, you needn’t worry if your choice is DiSano all-natural peanut butter. It’s creamier, unsweetened, and has 30% healthier proteins that make it a nutritious peanut butter for a healthy breakfast.

And hey, peanut butter needn’t be seen as an exclusive breakfast spread. With a little bit of imagination, you can churn out your own recipe by garnishing ice creams, rotis, and dosas to achieve mouth-watering results. DiSano peanut butter is a smooth spread laced with dietary fiber and proteins, so in a reasonable quantity, it won’t come in the way of your keto diet.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 30% proteins & fiber to stimulate digestion
  • Nutritious alternative to regular spreads
  • Has vitamin E, B3, and B6 to boost energy
  • Zero hydrogenated oil
  • Gluten and sugar-free
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Good source of copper
  • Governs your energy production
  • Maintains neural activity
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Prevents Parkinson’s disease

My Verdict: If you need a high-protein food that tastes great, feels great, and keeps your energy levels up the mark, DiSano peanut butter is worth your attention. The aftertaste feels unique and that’s what DiSano peanut butter is all about.


Dr.OETKER Fun Foods Peanut Butter Crunchy

Dr.OETKER Peanut Butter is made of 91% roasted peanuts and has 25% proteins. It’s free from cholesterol and trans fats.
  • Quantity: 2.5kg
  • Package-type: PET Jar
  • Unsweetened: No
  • Key Ingredients: 91% Roasted peanuts, Sugar, Salt

Crunchy, and protein-rich spread with smooth buttery texture and goodness of vitamin E, B3, and B6. That’s Dr. Oetker’s fun foods peanut butter for you. It’s one of the finest peanut butter made of 91% roasted peanuts that serves as a great breakfast spread and evening snack.

Its unique taste is adequate for anyone to go head-over-heels. Being one of the best natural butter in India, Dr. Oetker’s fun foods have an unbeatable taste, texture, and health merits. It’s easily digestible and one of the healthiest choices to fix breakfast when you’re on a keto diet.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Contains 91% roasted peanuts
  • Zero cholesterol and trans-fat
  • Made of 91% Roasted Peanuts
  • Has 25% more Proteins
  • Ample amount of Vitamin E, B3,& B6
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Contains healthy fats
  • Rich source of Vitamin E, B3, and B6
  • Fortified with dietary fibre
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Good for the brain

My Verdict: Dr. Oetker’s fun food peanut butter makes anyone go gaga because the buttery texture and the aroma of organic peanuts make it irresistible to some. It has rich vitamins that are healthy for metabolism and dietary fibre to boost digestion.


Skippy Peanut Butter Creamy

Skippy features a nice, creamy peanut butter that’s made of roasted peanuts. It’s gluten & preservatives free.
  • Quantity: 462g
  • Package-type: PET Jar
  • Unsweetened: No
  • Key Ingredients: Roasted peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated oil

If you love the extra smoothness as I do in a peanut butter serving, nothing beats the taste and quality of Skippy peanut butter. So, this had to be on my list of best peanut butter in India. It’s made of roasted peanuts, sugar, and hydrogenated oil. You are a workout addict, you needn’t eat your servings with guilt because it’s healthy peanut butter.

Skippy peanut butter has proteins and dietary fibres. It has no cholesterol or trans-fat to spoil your workout gains. This smooth buttery spread is ideal for bread and making other different food recipes. It lets you get creative with the recipe if that’s how you like to do it.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 100% American Recipe
  • Creamy texture that feels like a piña colada
  • Pure vegetarian product
  • Has a healthy quantity of sugar
  • Loaded with dietary fibres and proteins
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Regulates your blood sugar levels
  • Reduces the risk of type II diabetes
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Has antioxidants

My Verdict: Skippy peanut butter makes you skip your heartbeat because they are true ambassadors of all peanut butter spreads. Being a 100% American recipe, it’s the best of roasted peanuts you can buy in a creamy form.


Ketofy Low Carb Choco Peanut Butter

This peanut butter is keto diet-friendly. It’s 100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar/Preservatives/Colours.
  • Quantity: 200g
  • Package-type: PET Jar
  • Unsweetened: Yes
  • Key Ingredients: Almond, Peanut, Rice Bran oil

If you’re a Keto addict you must be picky about what you eat. But what if you have a sweet tooth for peanut butter? No problem, just pick a Ketofy’s choco peanut butter you are all set. It’s the best peanut butter for gym-goers in India.

With high proteins and low carbs, there is no reason not to have one in your kitchen. Plus, you get to try out a wide variety of recipes with Ketofy Choco peanut butter. If you thought a healthy product like this one couldn’t be affordable for regular use, you’re wrong.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Nutritious choice for those who follow a keto diet
  • Rich in minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, and Niacin
  • Delicious choco flavour
  • No artificial flavours, gluten, or sugar
  • Improvise recipes with a spoonful of Ketofy peanut butter
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Keeps you feel full
  • Prevents blockage in arteries
  • Lightens your mood
  • Generates happy hormones

My Verdict: Keto lovers, it’s time to upgrade your regular breakfast spread to protein-rich peanut butter from Ketofy. It’s a mélange of finest organic peanuts sourced and processed to a precise consistency.


JUS’ AMAZIN 100% Organic Peanut Butter

This peanut butter from JUS’ AMAZIN is made of 100% organic peanuts. It’s unsweetened and vegan.
  • Quantity: 200g
  • Package-type: Glass Jar
  • Unsweetened: Yes
  • Key Ingredients: 100% organic peanuts

Jus Amazin is yet another best peanut butter brand in India because it is made with carefully selected 100% organic peanuts. The processing stages conform to the best standards and therefore Jus Amazin is good peanut butter in India in its own right. Its all-natural peanut ingredient is delectable and makes anyone want more than a scoop.

Each spoonful of delicious organic peanut butter is loaded with proteins and vitamins to make the body feel energised for a heavy workout. Not everyone has the grit to choose fitness over calorie-rich food. But Jus’ Amazin organic peanut butter won’t spoil your appetite because it’s tasty and healthy.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 100% organic peanut butter
  • 100% vegetarian product
  • 100% gluten-free & unsweetened
  • 100% goodness of dietary fibre
  • Delicious spread for pre and post-workout snack
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Free from cholesterol
  • Contains iron
  • Curbs your appetite
  • Reduces the risk of obesity
  • Contains natural oils

My Verdict: You won’t regret spicing up your breakfast with a spoonful of Jus’ Amazing’s natural peanut butter. You’ll be bubbling with happiness and positivity because a scoop of peanut butter will melt away your worries.


Amazon’s Solimo Peanut Butter

This peanut butter contains 0% trans fat, no preservatives, and no artificial flavours.
  • Quantity: 500g
  • Package-type: PET Jar
  • Unsweetened: Yes
  • Key Ingredients: 90% Roasted peanuts

Lastly, on the list of best peanut butter in India is from Amazon’s Solimo. It is ideal if you are an athlete or someone who has inculcated healthy eating habits peanut butter might seem like the end of all fitness gains. It’s what we hear from people, but little do they know that peanut butter is also a weight-loss food. The trick is to consume in balanced quantity.

Amazon’s Solimo peanut butter has found its place in many Indian homes because it’s tasty as a snack and healthy as a breakfast spread. Plus, it’s unsweetened and feels crunchy in every spoonful of toothsome spread. In the jar is 100% organic peanuts that replenish the energy spent during the workout.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Crunchy, feel-good peanut butter
  • Made from 100% organic roasted peanuts
  • Excellent for making healthy breakfast or snacks
  • Contains no trans-fat and artificial flavours
  • 100% vegetarian product
Peanut Butter Benefits:
  • Contains poly-phenolic antioxidants
  • Enriched with resveratrol
  • Prevents development of cancer cells
  • Prevents fungal infections
  • Maintains a healthy weight

My Verdict: Amazon’s Solimo is special peanut butter with a friendly MRP. It is made for health-conscious people without sacrificing the taste.


With that, I conclude the list of top 10 best peanut butter in India. With more people becoming health-conscious, there is no reason to not include a peanut butter from one of the above brands.

The world’s favourite palatable spread has a host of benefits that can be had without weight gain or health risk, but only if you choose the best peanut brands. If you made it so far, I am sure you are qualified to recommend the best peanut brand in India to your peers and family.


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