10 Best Matcha Tea in India to Boost Metabolism

We all know that one person who can eat anything but never puts on weight. This is because of the strong metabolism some people are born with. And if you happen to be less lucky on that side like me, then this article is for you. I’ve listed some of the best matcha tea in India, which helps you boost your metabolism like never before.

Fact: Back in the 13th century, Samurai warriors drank Matcha tea before going into battle. With a firm belief that the tea would prepare them for the battle both physically and mentally, Zen Buddhists had imparted their wisdom and brewing techniques to these Samurai warriors.

10 Best Matcha Tea in India to Buy Online

The Japanese, just like the Indians, have magic potions that can repair, recover, and replenish anything. Matcha tea is one such potion that is taking the world by storm with its irrefutable health benefits, helping people turn a new healthier leaf, and showing palpable results in the way people look & feel.

If any one of this is your goal, start reading and learn about the best Matcha teas available for Indians below.


Vahdam Japanese Moringa Matcha Green Tea

Best Choice
  • Quantity: 50g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: Gluten-free & Vegan
  • Key Benefit: Anti-inflammatory & pain relief
  • Ingredient Type: Superfoods Blend Matcha
  • Other Uses: Ice cream, Latte, Iced Tea & more

The Matcha green tea that touts being the No. 1 culinary grade matcha and having 137 times the anti-oxidants is the Vahdam Japanese Moringa. It is one of the most loved and rated Matcha teas in India. A completely gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan blend, this is safe to be consumed even if you have allergies.

Arguably one of the best attributes about this tea powder is the various recipes you can cook with it and if you are looking for Matcha tea with which you can prepare Lattes and Cappuccinos, this one is it.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Rave review by Oprah Winfrey
  • Recipe variety
  • Smooth superfoods blend
  • Fights bad cholesterol & builds immunity
  • Shizuoka-grown fresh taste

My Verdict: Vahdam Japanese Moringa is the matcha that does a lot of things really well so if you are looking for a holistic health benefits matcha, go for it right away. So, without a doubt, this is the best matcha tea in India.

Fact: Drinking matcha tea regularly helps reduce Weight, Digestion, and Removes Toxins.


Kimino Japanese Organic Matcha Tea

Best Rated
  • Quantity: 50g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: Organic
  • Key Benefit: Energy & mental focus
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Lemonade, Latte, & desserts

Be it dark chocolate, pecans, goji berries, or walnuts, matcha has many folds of antioxidants in comparison. Kimino Matcha is the premium organic blend made from 100% shade-grown matcha leaves and when compared to normal black tea or green tea, the entire matcha tea leaf is ingested and this means that the health benefits are exponentially more.

A smooth powder which can also blend into lemonade, latte, smoothies, desserts and many more, you can relax in zen eating matcha ice cream scoops on a stressful weekday. Advertised to sustain energy better and on mental focus benefits, this is perfect for hard-working people with a sweet tooth.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Grown in shade & handpicked
  • Versatile recipes
  • Fine blend
  • Energises body and relaxes the mind.
  • 137x anti-oxidants

My Verdict: If you are specifically looking for organic, shade-grown matcha which busts your stress and energises you for a Monday morning, this is it.


Lipton Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Best Value
  • Quantity: 15 sachets
  • Form: Powder inside sachet sticks
  • Speciality: Shade grown
  • Key Benefit: ‘Moment of Focus’
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Experimental

Lipton, the king of green tea, iced tea and many others offers us a different kind of matcha experience with this one. 15 sachets of matcha enveloped in a box that makes it easier for the consumer to use the right quantity, each time, makes you wonder why hasn’t anyone else thought of this.

With the emphasis on ‘mental focus’, Lipton sells its culinary grade matcha green tea powder as the powerhouse of nutrients as every cup has 7.5 times the phytonutrients when compared with regular green tea. All of this makes Lipton one of the best matcha tea brands in India.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Smoothies, cookie & for seasoning
  • Can be applied as a face mask or scrub
  • Lipton brand reliability
  • Boosts metabolism and focus
  • Imported from Japan

My Verdict: Matcha tea is expensive when compared to other green tea but the value & health benefits it provides outweighs the price and Lipton may be actually selling the best matcha tea in India.


Te.Cha Japanese Matcha Green Tea

  • Quantity: 100g
  • Form: Ground
  • Speciality: Natural, No artificial flavour
  • Key Benefit: Weight loss & heart health improvement
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Iced tea

Flaunted as the best detox tea, Te.Cha takes the ‘safety first’ route to package their matcha tea by adding a two-layer lid to protect the contents from condensation and other impurities from infiltrating the box. Directly sourced from Japan, this matcha is in ground form.

As ground tea leaves can take any form, the company claims this is the best form to sell the matcha in as opposed to powder. The ceremonial matcha tea from Te.Cha means that the leaves are young and the benefits are innumerous as expected. Weight loss, heart disease, bacterial infections being some of the pain points this matcha can fight against, the company may have a winner at their hands.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Ground form
  • Safety priority
  • Weight loss & fighting bacteria
  • Best replacement to regular green tea
  • Enriched flavour

My Verdict: Stepping aside from the norm and doing good with your own belief system is a tough thing to do and Te.Cha’s ground matcha is groundbreaking in the sea of powder-based matcha for sure.


Happy Healthy Matcha Green Tea

  • Quantity: 20g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: No added sugar, low fat
  • Key Benefit: Detox, calm energy & calorie burn
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Hot & cold tea

The first matcha tea to have an added natural flavour of lemons, this is for the consumer who is looking for a change from a normal matcha blend. Originated in Japan but produced in Illinois, the USA, the Happy Healthy matcha will help in detoxification of your organs, infuses calm energy and burns calories.

Rich in antioxidants, every 2-gram sachet contains exponentially more health benefits compared to any fruit or vegetable out there. No added sugar and low fat mean that it is suitable for consumption by anyone irrespective of age.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Lemon flavoured matcha
  • Detox
  • Reasonably priced
  • High antioxidant rating
  • Natural and No sugar

My Verdict: The happy healthy matcha green tea does one thing really well which is brewing great matcha tea at a reasonable price.


Encha Organic Latte Grade Matcha

  • Quantity: 60g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: 1st harvest matcha tea
  • Key Benefit: Powerful antioxidant Catechins
  • Ingredient Type: Certified organic
  • Other Uses: Coconut matcha milkshake

Taking the shade-grown matcha tea to the next level, the Encha matcha is the 1st harvest tea and this may be exactly what you are looking for. Boasting of super antioxidants and ‘Zenergy’, this tea can be consumed by shaking it in a protein shaker with coconut milk or coconut water.

‘Latte Grade’ being the key selling point of this matcha tea, it fits perfectly if you are an Indian style tea or coffee lover. Sourced directly from Japan, the Encha organic matcha green tea is completely organic and fine to be consumed by anyone. Moreover, with great reviews on Amazon, I can surely recommend this if you are cappuccino, latte or a smoothie enthusiast.

My Verdict: There aren’t too many companies that claim to have the first harvest Matcha green tea, so this could have better benefits compared to other matcha teas.


TeaTreasure USDA Organic Matcha

  • Quantity: 30g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: USDA Certified organic
  • Key Benefit: Replenish inner and Outer beauty
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Experimental

This organic matcha tea concentrates on weight loss whilst being better than coffee in every way possible. Boasting of being equivalent to 10 cups of normal green tea, 1 cup of the TeaTreasure minimally refined matcha gives you twice as long as energy compared to a cup of coffee.

Detoxification of the body and rejuvenating the skin being the other selling points, you can count on this chlorophyll-filled energizer to beat inflammation and remove dead skin when used as a face-pack.

My Verdict: TeaTreasure Organic matcha tea may be the perfect blend to fight inner toxins and outer skin conditions:


WowMatcha Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Tea Powder

  • Quantity: 100g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: Fat-free
  • Key Benefit: Increases energy
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Experimental

WowMatcha prides itself for being certified by the Japanese Agriculture Standards (JAS) and for making completely fat-free matcha tea. Equivalent to 10 to 20 cups of regular green tea, WowMatcha’s 1 cup of matcha green tea suffices your entire mornings’ energy needs.

Another first harvest matcha in this roster, the company makes rich in the antioxidant alternative for any coffee or tea out in the market. A cut & clear matcha green tea, Wow Macha is a quintessential matcha brand that stays true to its roots, pun intended.

Reasons to Buy:
  • No-fuss matcha tea
  • JAS certification
  • Fat-free
  • Boosts immune system
  • Mood enhancing

My Verdict: WowMatcha is invested in one product and is doing a brilliant job at promoting and selling matcha tea to Indians so this could be your first ever experimental matcha purchase.


Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea

  • Quantity: 50g
  • Form: Ground (powder)
  • Speciality: Vegan friendly
  • Key Benefit: Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Experimental

Selling premium grade matcha tea to the masses, Heapwell’s product is as straightforward as it gets. With a slogan right on the pack which speaks about mother nature and promoting a stronger, sharper and focused health drink, Heapwell is off to a bright start.

Fat-free, no artificial flavour or genetic engineering used to make this matcha, you can rest assured that it is authentically sourced from the foothills of Japan. Perfectly suitable for vegans, this caffeinated green tea will have you up and running every morning better than black coffee.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Free from fat
  • Quintessential matcha green tea
  • Premium grade
  • Amino Acids (EGCg) & (L-Theanine)
  • 4.3 rating on Amazon

My Verdict: For someone who likes a straight forward product that does one thing really well, this one’s for you.


Real Matcha Japanese Green Tea

  • Quantity: 50g
  • Form: Powder
  • Speciality: No preservatives
  • Key Benefit: 137 times the antioxidants than green tea
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • Other Uses: Cake, ice cream, latte etc.

Here is a company that literally mentions the place it sources the matcha leaves from, which is Kyoto prefecture of Japan. A bold move on its part, Real Matcha advertises the myriad of recipes that can be prepared using its matcha, starting from latte, smoothies to ice creams.

Reassuring that it’s matcha green tea is 100% natural, fresh and preservatives-free, Real Matcha has a handsome white packaging with reusable zipper pack for convenience in any condition. With one pack, you will be able to prepare 50 cups, which is equivalent to 500 cups of regular green tea, stating this as value for money is safe.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Versatility of recipe
  • Premium matcha tea
  • 100% natural
  • No preservatives
  • Natural delicious flavours

My Verdict: One of the very few companies that proudly specify the recipes that can be prepared with their matcha, Real Matcha have an absolute winner which can compete with the Liptons of the industry.


In the process of writing this article, I realised that we have all been way too happy to have been drinking our green tea and proud to be living healthy but never knew that a tea that outshines the qualities of green tea existed out there.

Matcha green tea is extremely underrated and unpopular for the kind of health benefits it provides so I sincerely urge everyone reading this to try one of these products immediately, it might just change your life forever.


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