10 Best Ghee in India that are of High Quality & Organic

Are you having trouble selecting the best ghee in India? You aren’t alone. Millions in India are consumers of ghee. It’s not just a mere kitchen product. It has been extensively used as an active ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines and beauty products. So it’s fair enough if you thought selecting the best ghee brand in India was a tough task.

I understand your frustration which is why I have reviewed the top 10 cow ghee brands in India. If your search brought you to this comprehensive review, you are in the right place because you won’t have to consult another opinion-maker to know the brands that make the best desi ghee in India.

Top 10 Cow Ghee Brands in India

If you are quite particular about the quality, purity, and taste of ghee it’s important to know which best ghee brand in India is making a champion dairy product that’s tasty and healthy. So without ado, let’s kick start the list of 10 best organic ghee in India in the exact chronological order:


Amul Pure Ghee in Tin Package

Best Choice
  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: Tin can
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Pale yellow

Amul is truly the taste of India and there can’t be a desi household where Amul pure ghee isn’t used for cooking. It’s considered the best organic ghee in India made from 100% authentic cow ghee that makes anyone go yumm.

The Amul pure ghee improves digestion and strengthens sensory organs with regular use. It also improves skin suppleness and complexion. Amul ghee is churned using traditional methods to improve its granular texture and flavor. Plus it has many vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Children and adults love Amul ghee because it has a heavenly taste that one can’t refuse.

Reasons to Buy:
  • India’s favourite product
  • Revitalises body with healthy ghee
  • Premium ghee churned from cow milk
  • Has top vitamins like A, D, E, and K
  • Rich granular texture and addictive aroma
Ghee Benefits:
  • Has cancer-fighting CLA
  • Fortified with antioxidants
  • Moisturises dry hair & skin
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces cancer-causing agents

My Verdict: If you feel uneasy trusting any randomly seen ghee brands, you can turn a blind eye and choose Amul Ghee instead. The Amul dairy products are not only the pride of India in general but also every dairy farmer who has churned this ghee with care to make it a tasty and healthy choice of millions of Indians.


Nandini Pure Cow Ghee

Best Rated
  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: Pouch
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Bright yellow

Nandini Pure Cow ghee is a South Indian product that is made using traditional churning techniques to preserve its unique flavor. No additives or other artificial agents are used to churn Nandini’s ghee. Therefore, the brand has earned the title of ‘the best cow ghee in India’. Its rich consistency makes any dishes prepared out of it taste like home.

Nandini products stand for purity and its cow ghee isn’t an exception. So, it isn’t surprising that the ghee is AGMARK certified for complying with India’s toughest quality standards. What more can you ask from a brand adored by Indians for decades?

Reasons to Buy:
  • AGMARK certified ghee
  • Lessens the nauseating tendency
  • 100% pure ghee made from cow milk
  • Granular consistency that feels premium
  • Tastes delicious whether raw or cooked
Ghee Benefits:
  • Contains healthy fats
  • Aids in healthy digestion
  • Nutritional powerhouse
  • Good source of proteins (casein)
  • Ideal for people with dairy allergies

My Verdict: Nandini is a hallmark of trust when it comes to dairy products. You can confidently choose Nandini ghee and you won’t regret your choice because Nandini ghee is churned using traditional methods without artificial preservatives. It’s tasty and full of healthy nutrients that Indian families deserve.


Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee

Best Value
  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: PET Jar
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Bright yellow

Did you know the best atta brand in India is also the best ghee brand in India? Don’t take my word for it. Try a sample pack and I bet you won’t go back to you regular ghee. What makes Aashirvaad Svasti ghee better than other ghee brands? I’d say its texture, vitamins, and purity.

Aashirvaad Svasti ghee is a result of a slow churn process where it gets distinct flavor and aroma through careful processing. This enables the food made with this ghee to taste like heaven.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 100% pure cow ghee
  • Rich source of vitamins
  • A healthy choice for better skin
  • Best choice for making Indian cuisines
  • Aroma is enhanced using ‘SloCook’ technique
Ghee Benefits:
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps treat burns
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Ideal for lactose intolerants
  • Reduces the risks of ulcers

My Verdict: If you think ghee is more than an ingredient used in cuisines, you might want to ditch your regular ghee for Aashirvaad Svasti ghee. It’s a healthy product enriched with antioxidants and immunity boosters to make your bones and muscles stronger. But be mindful of the quantity you consume.


Patanjali Natural Cow’s Ghee

  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: Carton box
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Pale yellow

Patanjali ghee is loaded with nutritious vitamins. It tastes amazing and lets you try out several recipes that kids and adults love. It comes in a carton box that is sealed to keep the freshness within until it’s ready for consumption. It’s a 100% natural cow ghee that helps in boosting memory, digestion, and weight gain.

Including a spoonful of Patanjali ghee to your daily diet improves your overall health and most importantly your skin health. That’s because Patanjali ghee is a rich source of antioxidants. Those suffering from Arthritis are often recommended ghee to ease the joint pain so there is no reason to not choose Patanjali cow ghee.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Alleviates mouth dryness
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Healthy for your heart
  • Contains saturated fatty acids
  • Ayurvedic product that calms Vata-pitta
Ghee Benefits:
  • Wonderful appetizer
  • Has high smoke point like cooking oils
  • Alleviates mouth dryness
  • Aids in healthy weight loss
  • Treats menstrual issues

My Verdict: Patanjali is a brand that has become the face of Ayurvedic consumer products. You should feel proud that this desi brand has taken efforts to push 100% pure ghee into store shelves with an affordable price tag. It’s within the reach of most consumers and surpasses the quality of other premium brands.


Gau Organic Cow Ghee

  • Quantity: 500g
  • Package-type: Glass jar
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Pale yellow

If you are an enthusiast of organic products, Gau organic cow ghee will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind because it’s 100% natural cow ghee. It has zero preservatives and artificial flavours.

What you get in an attractive glass jar is a freshly packed organic cow ghee made with traditional processing methods using non-homogenised milk. The milk is specially sourced from Indian farm cows that are fed grass and other nutritious diets. Therefore, the ghee will have a unique flavor and a distinct colour unlike other regular dairy products sold in the supermarket.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Dairy product from desi cow
  • Zero trans-fat, gluten, or preservatives
  • Great for health-conscious consumers
  • Matured & churned using traditional methods
  • 100% organic ghee free from lactose & proteins
Ghee Benefits:
  • Maintains healthy heart
  • Soothes throat infection
  • Excellent source of energy
  • Enhances the food’s taste
  • Reduces anxiety & stress levels

My Verdict: Ghee is not a taste-enhancing food ingredient. It has essential vitamins that make the body stronger and delays memory degeneration. The rich texture makes Gau organic ghee appear premium. If you’re keen to make your daily diet healthy, let me remind you of the Gau organic ghee.


Britannia Cow Ghee

  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Package-type: PET jar
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Dark yellow

If you are someone who measures the quality of ghee by its purity, Britannia cow ghee is a great choice because unlike ordinary ghee, it is an FSSAI certified product. The Britannia cow ghee has loads of benefits.

With a long shelf life, you can store the ghee outside the refrigerator in an air-sealed bottle and you can use it as many times as you wish. Not only is Britannia ghee healthy, but it also tastes fantabulous. Having a spoon of this ghee will remediate joint pain and other simple mobility issues caused by the loss of lubricants between bones.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Alleviates inflammation
  • Helps in shedding excess weight
  • Superfood that improves digestion
  • Restores skin moisture and makes it soft
  • Boosts immunity and has detoxifying properties
Ghee Benefits:
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Neutralises free radicals
  • Maintains thick & lustrous hair
  • Prevents cell & tissue damage
  • Contains conjugated linoleic acid

My Verdict: Britannia ghee is an FSSAI certified product that can be preserved for a longer duration outside the refrigerator. It comes in a 500ml PET jar that is user-friendly and convenient to use in the kitchen. You want your ghee to keep your skin soft, you won’t need to look past this product.


Indicow Organic Dairy A2 Cow Ghee

  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: PET jar
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Bright yellow

Indicow organic ghee has a rich taste and aroma. Want to know how? Cook dal or other recipes by adding Indicow Organic A2 ghee and you’ll know right away why it’s one of the top ghee brands in India.

The Indocow organic ghee has fat-soluble vitamins that break down fat by regularly consuming one spoon. The Indicow organic ghee is sourced from the milk of Sahiwal cows that are popular in India. Plus, it has zero trans-fat and cholesterol.

Reasons to Buy:
  • High-quality A2 ghee
  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamins
  • Keeps flavours and aroma fresh
  • Heals scars, burns, and external injuries
  • A desi ghee brand that’s recognised by Startup India
Ghee Benefits:
  • Enhances joint strength
  • Enriched with butyrate
  • Heals infected stomach lining
  • Has monounsaturated omega-3s
  • Improves cardiovascular functions

My Verdict: Indicow is a true A2 organic ghee made from the milk of pasture-bred Indian cows. The ghee has a golden yellow colour that is 100% natural and not derived from food colours. Plus, it has a flavour you’ll never forget right from the first scoop.


Mother Dairy Pure Healthy Ghee

  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: Carton Box
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Pale yellow

Mother dairy is a brand that needs no introduction. Most households in India already use dairy products from Mother Dairy. Pure healthy ghee from this dairy expert is made from curd. It has 99.5g of healthy fat so it’s a great choice for those who wish to add weight at a healthy pace.

Mother dairy pure healthy ghee may not be an organic product but it has a nice granular texture similar to the organic ghee. It is carefully packed in a carton to keep its freshness pure.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Pure vegetarian product
  • Feels rich due to granular texture
  • Has high healthy fat that constitutes 99.5g
  • Premium packaging to prolong freshness
  • No added artificial flavours and preservatives
Ghee Benefits:
  • Great for paleo dieters
  • Good for brain’s health
  • Good for your colon
  • Prevents constipation
  • Reduces your glycemic index

My Verdict: Mother Dairy pure healthy ghee has 99.5g pure fat. If you have weight gain on your mind, this is the ghee you need.


Gowardhan Ghee in a Sturdy Jar

  • Quantity: 1L
  • Package-type: PET jar
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Bright yellow

Various dairy sellers make dubious claims that their products are derived from desi cows. Some even refrain from disclosing the source. All these are indicators that the ghee is most likely churned from the milk of Jersey or Holstein cows.

Certainly, not the kind of ghee you want for your family. Which is why Gowardhan ghee deserves your attention. It’s derived from desi cows bred in pastures and fed with alfalfa hay and other protein-rich food. Therefore, the ghee itself has a special aroma and taste that children and adults can’t stay away from.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Healthy for children
  • Has a fantastic aroma
  • No colour-enhancing agents
  • High-quality packaging
  • Ghee processed from clarified milk fat
Ghee Benefits:
  • A complete food
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Gives a glowing skin
  • Increases good cholesterol levels
  • Good alternative to refined cooking oils

My Verdict: Choose Gowardhan ghee to start your day with a healthy diet. It’s churned from the milk of Indian cows and tastes amazing.


MR DAIRY 100% Pure Cow A2 Desi Ghee

  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Package-type: Glass jar
  • Cow Ghee: Yes
  • Colour: Bright yellow

No gimmick here when it comes to Mr Dairy pure cow ghee. It’s made of A2 milk sourced from Sahiwal cows. The processing of butter into ghee by Mr Dairy is done using traditional methods. So every ounce of ghee has rich nutrients, purity, and taste.

It doesn’t matter what food you prepare using the Mr Dairy ghee, it gives off a special aroma that is simply hypnotising. If you’ve been contemplating a switch from your cooking oil to something more delicious and healthy, Mr Dairy ghee is an excellent consideration.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 100% of organic milk is churned by hand
  • A complex array of flavours and aroma
  • Free from preservatives and additives
  • Has antioxidants & immunity-boosting proteins
  • Milked from Sahiwal cows bread under best conditions
Ghee Benefits:
  • Brilliant superfood
  • Enhances memory
  • Protects the brain cells
  • Fortifies choline deficiency
  • Good source of vitamin A, D, K, and E

My Verdict: Mr Dairy A2 ghee is a necessity for people who can’t think of a diet sans the 100% organic ghee. It’s a rich source of antioxidants and has healthy vitamins like A, D, E, and K. It lubricates joints and eases the pain. This is the ghee that every Indian family deserves.


My compilation of the best ghee in India is not a hierarchical review of randomly chosen ghee brands. I have sorted each brand based on the quality of ghee and the process used by them to churn the cream or curd.

Not every claim made by dairy brands is true especially when they claim the use of organic A2 milk from desi cows. The ghee made from milk of ordinary Jersey cows may not match the taste and texture of the ghee churned from Sahiwal or Vechur cows. I hope this review has helped you understand the nuances of the best cow ghee brands in India.


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