10 Best Atta Brands in India with the Goodness of Wheat

Every Indian household is incomplete without the highly nutritious and tasty chapati. But to prepare this favourite food, it’s important to choose the right Atta. If you’re wondering what makes atta taste better, it’s this—balanced consistency, taste, and most importantly nutrition. So, which brand makes the best atta in India?

Simple! Read this honest review to know the answers to questions you were pegging to ask. You might also wish to know, “What makes this review better than any other”? These 10 best atta brands in India have been carefully compiled by handpicking the ones that are 100% healthy, delicious, and affordable.

Fact: Rice, maize, and wheat are the 3 leading and highly consumed food crops in the world. They supply more than 42% of the calories (together).  Source: Ricepedia

10 Best Atta in India to Buy Online

Not every brand makes whole grain atta that is healthy and delicious. A few might taste great but lack nutritious elements. Some might have a mix of maida and gluten. So, to help you cart the best Atta, read this review on the 10 best wheat flour brands in India:


Aashirvaad Superior MP Atta Bag

Best Choice
100% Wholesome wheat atta. Doesn’t contain maida or any other added flour. It has a maximum shelf life of 3 Months.
  • Quantity: 10kg
  • Package-type: Bag

Aashirvad atta is a household name in India because it’s made of 100% premium whole wheat. The specially chosen Sharbati wheat is sourced from 7 districts of Madhya Pradesh. The wheat used in Aashirvaad Superior MP atta is cultivated with care in a land that receives the right amount of rainfall and sunlight.

Every grain that goes into the making of this premium atta feels heavier and appears golden in color. You’ll melt into the flavor of the softest rotis that Aashirvaad atta is capable of. No wonder why it’s every mother’s choice to make healthy rotis, chapatis, paranthas, pooris, etc.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Made from Sharbati wheat
  • Whole wheat used to make the atta
  • 0% Maida & 30% softer rotis
  • Each grain is heavy & golden
  • Has high water absorption
Wheat Benefits:
  • Rich source of fiber
  • Has a few traces of selenium
  • Prevents colon cancer
  • Good source of vitamin B1
  • Contains natural antioxidants

My Verdict: The tastiest chapatis and rotis in most parts of India are made using Aashirvaad Superior MP atta. It’s such a popular brand that 8 out of 10 households use Aashirvad atta. Should you buy this atta? Certainly! If you put health ahead of your tastebuds.


Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

Best Rated
With 135 years of experience, Pillsbury’s wholesome atta is made from high-quality wheat, which is selected from India’s finest fields.
  • Quantity: 10kg
  • Package-type: Bag

No household in India is a stranger to Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta. If you are a roti-lover you will appreciate the delicious taste of Pillsbury Chakki fresh atta. It’s ground with care to the right consistency, so chapatis and rotis taste amazing.

If you are somebody like me who prefers rotis over foods rich in carbs, this is the best quality atta in India. I’d only be surprised if it weren’t because it has three parts of whole wheat grain and that’s the healthiest choice you can make. So switch to Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta and you won’t go back to the ordinary brand again.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Tastes delicious
  • Great alternative to carb-rich foods
  • Has three parts of whole wheat grain
  • Healthiest choice for a healthy household
  • Ideal consistency for cooking multiple roti types
Wheat Benefits:
  • Maintains healthy brain function
  • Rich source of magnesium
  • Contains folic acid (vitamin B9)
  • Contains protein too
  • Provides instant energy

My Verdict: Pillsbury atta is as popular as cricket. Many homemakers and connoisseurs of Indian bread have testified their love for India’s favorite atta brand. If you like soft atta-based recipes, then your first choice should be Pillsbury.


Fortune Chakki Fresh Wheat Atta

Best Value
Handpicked from India’s biggest and quality wheat fields, Fortune’s wheat flour is just 100% atta and 0% maida. This complements your homemade food perfectly.
  • Quantity: 10kg
  • Package-type: Resealing pouch

If you are someone whose first concern is to establish whether atta is made of maida or 100% wheat, your conflict ends here. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta has zero Maida and tastes great when you make hot chapatis or rotis. It’s the closest you’ll get to home-made atta that is processed using traditional techniques.

Fortune Chakki Fresh atta feels soft when you pinch a bit of flour and rub it between fingers. You can easily say it apart from any ordinary atta. Make any type of roti and experience its flavour pop with a nice golden tinge that appears like sun-kissed wheat.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Has high dietary fiber
  • Chakki used to ground the wheat
  • 100% wheat with no preservatives
  • Tastes great and has a fine texture
  • Roti that that tears off with only two fingers
Wheat Benefits:
  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Reduces the risk of brain stroke
  • Prevents obesity
  • Helps treat type II diabetes
  • Improves insulin sensitivity

My Verdict: If you love atta ground using Chakki, consider buying Fortune Chakki fresh atta. It’s made of whole bran wheat that is free from preservatives. Nothing that you don’t feel affectionate about, its perfect brand to make your daily chapatis taste like heaven.


Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta

Nature Fresh Sampoorna atta is made from supreme quality wheat grains. They are processed ideally to produce atta with the right texture. It’s neither too coarse, nor too fine.
  • Quantity: 10kg
  • Package-type: Bag

The best atta brand in India is a product from Nature Fresh. Why may you ask? The Sampoorna Atta is ground to a fine texture by selecting the most premium grade wheat grains grown in India. It’s packed with nutrition that’s healthy for children and adults alike.

The wheat grains sourced from farms are immediately processed and packaged to make the freshness last till it reaches you. Roti-lovers say it has a balanced texture which sits between coarse and fine. As a result, rotis made from Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta feels softer to touch. The rice bran in the Atta is loaded with nutrition and natural dietary fiber.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Finely graded wheat grains for grinding
  • Easy on your digestive system
  • Highly nutritious and healthy
  • Balanced texture for softer and fluffier rotis
  • Processed using scientific methods
Wheat Benefits:
  • Keeps you energetic
  • Contains healthy fat
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Increases bone strength
  • Maintains healthy heart

My Verdict: Nature Fresh Sampoorna is a special atta that is processed to ensure that the atta stays fresh and delicious until it ends up in your platter as delicious chapati or poori. You won’t think of another brand after choosing this brand.


24 Mantra Organic Wholewheat Premium Atta

24 Mantra’s whole wheat flour is milled finely with organic wheat grains. The atta features a soft texture and is 100% low on gluten. It’s free from maida.
  • Quantity: 5kg
  • Package-type: Packet

24 mantra Organic Wholewheat Premium atta is the best organic atta in India. Why do I say so? It’s because the organic-certified atta is ground from whole wheat grain nearly free from Gluten. It has a balanced texture that lets you make a wide variety of baked dishes that are otherwise not possible with ordinary flour.

Plus, it’s healthy because it’s not milled but ground traditionally using a Chakki. Each grain of atta has a nutritious burst and a high-level of Magnesium. Did I also mention it’s easy to digest and delays type2 diabetes?

Reasons to Buy:
  • Has low calories
  • Rich source of nutrients
  • Suitable for slowing type-2 diabetes
  • Has concentrated levels of Magnesium
  • Improves digestion and is also easily digested
Wheat Benefits:
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Keeps your skin healthy
  • Makes you feeling full
  • Enhances your metabolism
  • Protects against breast cancer

My Verdict: 24 Mantra Organic wholewheat is for those who are intolerant against gluten and maida. It’s an excellent alternative to a high-carb diet like rice. You’ll enjoy every bite of your meal because of its distinct taste and lower calories.


Jiwa Gluten Free Atta

This is gluten-free & wheat-free atta, which is made of other cereals that are 100% natural. It is fresh packed and contains 1% sea salt. Ideal for people with celiac disease & Crohns disease.
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package-type: Packet

Jiwa is the 6th best wheat flour in India because it’s gluten-free. Yes, you read that right. Not almost, but 100% gluten-free. You can make as many roti recipes you want with this atta and get yours polled as the best.

Jiwa Gluten Free atta is any day a better choice to replace dicey atta brands whose package contains more maida and harmful flavor enhancers than wholesome wheat. Every home chef and mom stands by the unique quality of Jiwa’s Gluten-free atta. This atta is a proven source of nutrition and its flavors are preserved in the flour bag.

Reasons to Buy:
  • 100% gluten-free rotis
  • Make any wheat-based recipes
  • Has no maida
  • Bag contains pre-added sea salt (1%)
  • Packaged without preservatives
Gluten-free Atta Benefits:
  • Good alternative to wheat flour
  • Ideal for people with celiac disease
  • Good source of vitamin E
  • Contains monounsaturated fats
  • Rich in iron & folate

My Verdict: Jiwa Gluten-free atta is the end of all debates whether atta is Gluten-free or has traces of it. That’s because Jiwa’s atta is 100% gluten-free. So to all those who are allergic to Gluten will see it as good news that there’s a brand that cares for them.


Patanjali Traditional Whole Wheat Chakki Atta

Patanjali’s chakki fresh atta is a bit coarsely-ground wheat with bran. Besides being good for health and digestion, it features a natural taste. It is reasonably priced.
  • Quantity: 10kg
  • Package-type: Packet

Do you really need an excuse to choose any other brand of atta over Patanjali whole wheat Chakki atta? I think not! It’s one of the best wheat flour for chapati in India. “100% organic”, is how chapatti-lovers like me prefer calling it.

Patanjali traditional whole wheat chakki atta is made naturally without additives or harmful agents to improve flavour or texture. It’s known to regulate body glucose with regular consumption. Being an Ayurvedic product, it improves digestion and is ground coarser in hygienic conditions. The quality of Patanjali whole wheat Chakki atta commands a reasonable rate that anybody from India can afford.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Ground using a Chakki
  • Wheat is sourced from North India
  • 100% whole wheat
  • 100% organic product
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
Wheat Benefits:
  • Provides fibre-rich diet
  • Prevents childhood asthma
  • Reduces gallstones
  • Promotes gastrointestinal health
  • Prevents coronary disease

My Verdict: Patanjali atta is quickly overshadowing its competitors because it’s 100% organic and is grown from the best wheat farms of India. It has zero additives or agents that enhance its texture or taste. So make your next chapati meal out of Patanjali wheat atta to absorb its health benefits.


Pure & Sure Organic Wheat Flour

Grown without pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, Pure & Sure’s atta is what you need. It’s cultivated with organic farming practices and contains no maida.
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package-type: Packet

In the 8th spot is Pure & Sure organic wheat flour brand that deserves a place in the list of best wheat atta in India. It’s another best organic atta in India because consumers love it for its 100% whole wheat sourced from farmers without too many hands touching the grains.

No chemical fertilisers are used in the cultivation of wheat sourced for milling into Pure & Sure atta. So it’s unarguably a healthy and nutritious choice for those with a sensitive digestive system as well as children. The wheat used in this product is obtained from various parts of the world and is subjected to stringent quality checks before processing.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Chemical-free fertilizers used for nourishing
  • Wheat is grown by organic farming techniques
  • 100% whole wheat sourced from Indian farms
  • Rich source of carbohydrates
  • Free from maida
Wheat Benefits:
  • Lowers chronic inflammation
  • Reduces obesity
  • Prevents postmenopausal symptoms
  • Maintains healthy weight
  • Easy on the digestive system

My Verdict: How to be sure your atta is 100% organic? Buy yourself pure and sure atta, it’s that simple. I think it’s a great choice for anyone wanting healthy whole wheat atta at a budget.


Organic Tattva Whole Wheat Flour (Chakki Atta)

This atta is made from organically-grown wheat grains, which are free from fertilisers and pesticides. It’s harvested as well as processed with maximum care just to bring you the finest rotis on the table.
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Package-type: Packet

Heard of Organic Tattva whole wheat flour? If not, let me introduce you to an atta brand that has only seen its rise and rise in the Indian market. Organic Tattva has a strong brand philosophy that’s focused on making organic products. The atta from Organic Tattva is 100% whole wheat flour. It has a low quantity of Gluten and is highly nutritious.

Organic Tattva’s atta is rich in taste and has the right consistency to make highly delicious rotis and chapatis. It’s safe for children and people suffering from diabetes because it regulates blood glucose levels. It can also delay type-2 diabetes by regularly consuming food made by Organic Tattva whole wheat atta.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Organic fertilizers used for crop nutrition
  • Whole wheat rich in nutrients
  • Smooth texture for soft poori
  • Affordable variant
  • Organic farming methods used for wheat cultivation
Wheat Benefits:
  • Gets rid of fat
  • Rich source of phosphorus & zinc
  • Wholesome fiber food
  • Keeps you healthy
  • Reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome

My Verdict: Organic Tattva atta is processed from naturally grown wheat from across India. It is best suited for households where there are people at risk of type-2 diabetes. By having rotis prepared with this atta, you can reduce the risk of diabetes.


TWF Organic Indie Wheat Flour

This wheat flour is 100% organic and perfectly suits all Indian flat breads. Both the wheat and farms of TWF brand are USDA certified & India Organic certified.
  • Quantity: 5kg
  • Package-type: Stand-up packet

Think of the fertile lands of Indo-Gangetic plains, that’s where TWF Organic Indie wheat is cultivated. Indigenous wheat is grown organically without fertilizers and chemicals by farmers who’ve passed on the knowledge of wheat cultivation techniques.

The farms where the wheat is grown is certified by India Organic and USDA to be 100% organic. The TWF Organic Indie Wheat atta is healthy for consumption as chapati, roti, or other interesting recipes are easily digestible.

Reasons to Buy:
  • Best flour for all types of Indian breads
  • Approved by India Organic and USDA
  • Fresh atta with 100% whole wheat
  • Grinding consistency as per your preference
  • Scientific farming from seed selection to harvesting
Wheat Benefits:
  • Contains phytochemicals
  • Slows plaque build-up
  • Slows atherosclerosis progression
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Lignans in it protect against heart problems

My Verdict: You will soon be marveling at the taste of rotis made from TWF Organic Indie wheat flour. It’s well-balanced in terms of taste, and texture. Your rotis will taste delicious than before because the atta is 100% organic and grown with natural fertilizers than chemical-based ones.


The best wheat flour brand in India is not just about creating delicious Indian bread. Most elite brands use specialized methods from selecting the right grain and nourishing it with natural fertilizer to harvesting with care. The wheat cultivation process is systematic and ensures that the harvest is 100% whole wheat of highest grade.

The harvested wheat grain is processed without additives and other flavor-enhancing agents and that’s not all. The packaging also plays a key part in the preservation and how the flour tastes. So, this list of 10 best atta brands in India is a compilation of brands that follow special methods to make your atta delicious and healthy.


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